USATF Grand Prix Series

by Christine Bishop

Grand Prix

Fleet Feet Sports Albany had a kick off ceremony on Sunday, February 4, of the 2018 USATF Adirondack Association Grand Prix race series.  The directors of the eight races that comprise the event gave away gifts and lots of information about their races.  Many of the races are tied to community events like parades, fireworks, craft fairs, town barbecues, and fun contests.

PrizesUSATF Adirondack members who participate in five or more events are guaranteed a Grand Prix sweatshirt.

The Adirondack USATF and Fleet Feet are each giving thousands of dollars in total to lucky runners.


Prizes • and • Awards 

Prize Allocations for each of six divisions:

1st - $200 cash prize + $150 worth of Fleet Feet gift cards = $350 total prize package

2nd - $150 cash prize + $100 worth of Fleet Feet gift cards = $250 total prize package  

3rd - $100 cash prize + $100 worth of Fleet Feet gift cards = $200 total prize package  

4th - $50 cash prize + $50 Fleet Feet gift card = $100 total prize package  

5th - $50 cash prize + $25 Fleet Feet gift card = $75 total prize package  

6th to 10th - $25 Fleet Feet gift card


Individual • Performance • Recognition:


Open Men Male runners 18+ on the day of the race  

Open Women Female runners 18+ on the day of the race  

Masters Men Male runners ages 40-49 on the day of the race  

Masters Women Female runners age 40-49 on the day of the race  

Age-Graded Men Male runners age 50+ on the day of the race  

Age-Graded Women Female runners age 50+ on the day of the race

Click here for more race info.

Click here for last year’s winners.

It is an honor to be in the USATF Adirondack Series as racing clubs throughout the region compete to be included.  Race directors submit a detailed bid that is voted on with ultimately only eight being selected.  Therefore for the HMRRC to have two races included is an achievement and we thank Race Directors Brian Northan, Runnin’ of the Green, and David Tromp, Delmar Dash, for their achievement!


The Series

Below are listed websites for each race to go to for information and entry forms.

Underneath are some fun facts (highlights) from the race directors.

Runnin’ of the Green 4 Mile       March 17

Brian Northan, race director. Hoping for large HMRRC turnout! Schalmont HS Rotterdam, 10 a.m.

Delmar Dash 5 Mile       April 15

David Tromp, race director. Finish these two races and you are only three races away from a free USATF Adirondack sweatshirt!! Bethlehem Middle School, Delmar, 9:00 a.m.

GP_2.jpgShmaltz Chosen Run 5K      May 5

John Ewald, race director for the Chosen Run 5K at in Shmaltz Brewery (TIME & LOCATION).  2nd year in USATF but 10th for the race.  Sold out early last year.  Last year capped at 850 because of parking shortage but this year have bigger lot and are reaching for 1500.  They do not give medals but custom coasters, a custom glass, and a free growler for a team of 10 or more. They don’t include race shirts but sell them.  Free beer named Sling Shot, a light IPA that John says is perfect for after a good run.  Shmaltz Brewery, Clifton Park, 10 a.m.

GP_3.jpgFreihofer’s 40th Run for Women 5K
June 2

Kristin Hislop, co-race director with Patrick Lynskey.  Thousands of women of all ages and abilities compete alongside many of the country’s greatest long distance runners. In addition to the Women's 5k, the weekend events include a Health & Fitness Expo and a Kids Run series including the Freihofer’s Junior 3k.  Free cookies for all!  Forty years of firsts is a great reason to celebrate on June 2nd. Washington Ave., Albany, 9 a.m.

The Route 50 Mile [1 Mile]      June 7

Pete Sheridan, director.  First time in Grand prix but 9th annual race.  Straight as an arrow.   Run the race and stay for the Burnt Hills Flag Day Parade. All runners get free icecream cones.  June 7.  Race for family.   At intersection of Kingsley Road & Route 50 in Burnt Hills, 6:50 pm.

GP_4.jpgFirecracker 4 Mile      July 4

Patrick Lynskey, race director. Partnering with Fleet Feet and downtown Saratoga Springs businesses and restaurants.  Special awards category for Military and Public Safety participants.  Aiming for 4,000 runners to go four miles on the fourth.  Race kicks off at 9:00 a.m. then followed by fun events throughout the day including parades, barbecues, desserts, bands, parties all capped by fireworks at night.  Click here for schedule.  Saratoga Springs, 9:00 a.m. on!

ADK Marathon Festival Half      Sept. 23

Bob Singley, assistant race director. Year 2 in event and last year a USATF Adirondack runner broke course record.  Race ends at the Schroon Lake beach.  Half Marathon is capped at 650 persons.  Race has homey, small town uncrowded feel.  Schroon Lake Central School, busses leave at 8:40 a.m.

Ghostly Gallop 5K      Oct. 21

Gary Sheffer, race director.  Race is in its 18th year and it’s a great fundraiser for the library in Hudson.  There is also a one-mile fun Senior run for kids.  Awards are given for costumes, teams and race winners.  Hudson High School, 11:30 a.m.

Join us in the fun!!!

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