by Christine Bishop
Other than the delightful smell of autumn in the air, intense excitement can be felt in anticipation of this year’s Mohawk Hudson River Marathon and Half Marathon. It would seem that last year’s thrilling day would be hard to top but this year’s, may equal or surpass it. In 2016 the top three finishers demolished the marathon record set in 1984 by Dale Keenan of 2:20.59. This year the Half Marathon promises to be the eye of the hurricane with old records potentially being broken and new ones emerging. It will be a veritable clash of the titans. The excitement continues! For full article, click here

by Nancy Clark, MS RD CSSD
Food is fuel and food is medicine. Food brings runners together and is supposed to be one of life’s pleasures. Team meals are a vehicle for building relationships, enjoying conversations, and nourishing the soul. For full article, click here

by Nancy Clark MS RD CSSD
“ The Chocolate Season is here and I can already feel the tension rising. “Between Halloween and New Year’s Eve, I feel surrounded by chocolate. It’s everywhere!!!” reported a self-proclaimed chocoholic. “I try so hard to not eat it, but I inevitably succumb, and I inevitably gain weight. Thank goodness for January First!!!” If you share the same love-hate relationship with chocolate, keep reading. And be thankful this so-called “bad food” offers benefits. . For full article, click here

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