President's Message

Day One.

We’ve all been there. Whether it’s the first time we ever decided to enter a local 5k race or whether, after many of those, we’d decided to commit to the time required to prepare for out first 10k, 15k, half-marathon or marathon.

We know what it’s like and also what may predictably happen. There are moments of excitement during which we know everything is going according to plan. We’re faster each race, we catch that person who’d beaten us in earlier races and maybe we win a race or win an age group award. Nothing could be better. Then there are some moments: The snags - a weak workout, an unexpectedly bad race performance or an injury during which we look back and perhaps think that it’s been a waste of effort and time or that we’re somehow on the wrong plan.

Then we’re back at Day One. Because have set high goals and we intend to continue to achieve those objectives, we make changes based on what we learned. Much of the time it works out because we know ourselves, make adjustments and persist until the goal is achieved. That’s what we runners do.

It is pretty much Day One. The Pace Setter is, as you know by now, an online magazine. The HMRRC, after a series of careful discussions by the Long Range Planning Committee, a presentation at a monthly business meeting and another meeting at which a membership vote was taken, it was determined that the club would change over to an online presentation of the monthly Pace Setter magazine. The Pace Setter online has been open and available at since mid January. The online Pace Setter has all the features of the magazine, with much more timely articles and race results, as well as opportunities for submitting your own articles and commenting on published articles. When you’re at The Pace Setter ( you’ll find all the information you are used to finding in the paper version of the magazine, with links to all the race applications or information about whom to contact about the races.

Day One is passed. The Pace Setter, as with all our plans when we set goals that’ll take us to what we anticipate, will be improved outcomes. There may be snags that, despite our best efforts, seem to be setbacks. Please know that dedicated, long-time club volunteers are working with others on making The Pace Setter online magazine the best it can be. Please take some time to look over The Pace Setter and let me know what you think. I think you’ll be impressed.

See you soon! The Runnin’ of the Green 4-mile race is on March 12th. I’ll be there after working though some setbacks. I’ll write more about some of the ways I’m doing that in the next column, right after the Runnin’ of the Green.

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