Login Snafu Besets Web Site

Murphy was right – whatever can go wrong will go wrong. That’s the bad news. And the good news? There is currently no HMRRC web site content that requires logging in. Everything is still accessible to everyone.

Still, you tried logging in with the info provided by email and nothing worked. Or you didn’t receive an email in the first place (as the message at the top of the web site told you). Or, you were able to log in and the website told you your membership expired. What gives?

There seems to be a variety of issues. First, some background. Our membership website (Wild Apricot) requires usernames (email addresses) and passwords for access. Early in our planning stages for the new website, we assumed (we think we were told) that we could use those usernames and passwords for the new site. So, we identified members in Wild Apricot who had what looked like valid usernames and passwords, those who had usernames and no passwords, and those with nothing (or the made-up usernames and passwords that we assigned to all members when we first started using Wild Apricot). As part of our plan, members in the latter group received a letter with info about the username and password they should use when the new site was launched.

Three weeks ago, we were told that the Wild Apricot usernames and passwords could not be used in the new site for security reasons. Enter Plan B. Our web developer indicated that it could distribute initial usernames and passwords to members with valid email addresses. And that, coupled with the announcement on the home page, is what we tried to do. We tested 250 active members. It worked (or seemed to). So, an email was sent to all active members.

And then our developer went on vacation. Good planning.

Naturally, this snafu is embarrassing to those of us who worked on the new site. We apologize for the confusion and inconvenience we’ve caused.

You can still access your membership record and register for events (using your email and old password) at the following address: http://members.hmrrc.com

Thank you for your patience as we work through these issues!

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