HMRRC offers cash awards for runners who place in its Grand Prix series. The awards go five deep in six age-group categories (29 and under; 30-39; 40-49; 50-59; 60-69; 70 and up) for both men and women. Only active club members at the time of an event score points for that event.  Continuing for 2023-24 additional volunteer scoring opportunity for working at a Grand Prix Event.

The Grand Prix prize structure for 2023-24 is as follows:

1st $200

2nd $100

3rd $75

4th $50

5th $25

HMRRC events in the Grand Prix series include the following:

  •         Labor Day 5K 
  •         Anniversary Run 5.9 Miles
  •         MHR Marathon
  •         Stockade-athon 15K
  •         Hangover Half Marathon
  •         Winter Series #5 10 miles
  •         Runnin' of the Green
  •         Delmar Dash (under 40)
  •         Bill Robinson 10K (Masters)
  •         Distinguished Service 8 Miles
  •         Colonie Mile
  •         Tawasentha XC #2

*** This order will realign the series with the club fall picnic along with the HMMRC organizational year of Oct 1-Sept 30.

For each event, points are awarded by place.

Place Points
1st 12
2nd 10
3rd 8
4th 7
5th 6
6th 5
7th 4
8th 3
9th 2
10th 1


Only six events are used to determine overall GP point totals. So, if a runner finishes first in four events (12 points for each first), second in three event (10 points for each second), and third (8 points in one event, his/her point total is 68 (with one of the second place finishes and the third place finish being dropped from the calculation).

For 2023-24 Volunteer Scoring continues:  In addition to the racing component, participants can receive 2 volunteer points for each Grand Prix race they volunteer for but do not count the race in their racing total.  To be eligible for volunteer points, volunteer must complete the volunteer waiver check-in at the race and use electronic volunteer registration so we can verify membership status and compile results.  Volunteer points will be added to the race totals on a quarterly basis based on race reports.  So if the participant above scores in six events and volunteered in three additional Grand Prix races, they would receive 6 additional points for a total of 74.

Participation Rules

  • A runner must be a current member of HMRRC to receive Grand Prix points for a particular event.
  • Competition is over a club year starting in September. Total score is the total of the best six race scores. A runner entering a new division at any time during the year may elect to continue competing in the lower age division. If this option is chosen, participants are required to provide notification of their intent within 30 days after their birthday. Notification must be made to the Race Committee Chair and/or Grand Prix Scorers.

• Brian Northan (GrandPrix Scorer) –

• Ed Hampston (GrandPrix Coordinator) –

Otherwise, scoring is according to age at time of race. Points may not be transferred from one division to another. No exceptions.

  • No duplicate awards (in the rare event that a runner enters a new age group during the year and scores enough points to place in two age groups). The larger dollar amount will be awarded, and runners in the vacated age category will move up one place. If there are not seven runners in an age-group, no prize will be awarded in any vacant spot.
  • Corrections for individual race results must be reported to scoring coordinators within 30 days of posting.
  • In the event of a first-place tie in age-group categories:

• First tiebreaker, head-to-head competition where the tie is between two runners.

• Second tiebreaker, comparison of number of wins in age category.

• Third tiebreaker, total volunteer points.

• Fourth tiebreaker,comparison of number of events in which points are scored.

  • In the event of ties between runners other than in first place, the prize money will be aggregated and divided equally between the tied runners.
  • Scholastic runners have the option of turning down any award in order to preserve their eligibility.

A club member doesn’t have to do anything special to participate in the Grand Prix – other than show up and make sure his/her membership is current.

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