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RUN 2022! Events Calendar for the Year

Look forward to the HMRRC Anniversary Run celebrating the 51st birthday of the HMRRC: September 25, 9 a.m. SUNY Alb campus. Then two blockbuster races are occurring: the MHR Marathon/Half on October 9 and the MVP Healthcare Stockade-athon on November 13. For full article, click here

Turkey Trot Tune Ups: The MHR Marathon and the Stockade-athon

by Benita Zahn
Ms. Zahn reminisces on how Autumn signifies the coming of two glorious HMRRC races that help to add more color to an already spectacular season: the MHR Marathon/Half Marathon and the MVP Healthcare Stockade-athon. For full article, click here

Run 4 The River Half Marathon 2022

by Charlie Ragone, Aidan Canavan, Tyler Morrissey, Amber Coppolo and Chris Bishop
The race couldn't have been run on a more perfect day, starting at the historic Mabee Farm. The race ended at the amazing Frog Ally Brewery, where a party was held for all. Six of the winners describe the event. For full article, click here

Labor Day 5K Race 2022

by Chris Bishop
This race is on HMRRC's Grand Prix schedule and therefore should have been a big draw but predicted torrential downpours affected attendance. However, those who were there enjoyed the race immensely and watched impressive records being set. For full article, click here

Roads?! Where We're Going, We Don't Need Roads!!

by David Roy
The Landis 5K Arboretum Race is a nice introduction to trail running. It has a varying terrain that keeps it interesting. It’s not super technical, but you have to pay attention. However much its beauty may lull you, the course is not an easy 5K PR. For full article, click here

Two Voices on Landis Arboretum Race

by Aaron Major and Jon Lindenauer
Aaron mentions how he loves racing on trails and the ones at Landis are spectacular. In addition, it is a great place to bring the family and picnic in the many groves. Jon was initially not certain what an arboretum was but glad that running brings him to so many unknown places that he will definitely explore again. For full article, click here

Altamont 5K Nailbiter

by Phil Carducci
Charging toward the finish line were two fierce competitors: one trying to keep his title and the other hoping to wrest it from him. They were running neck to neck like two sleek stallions at a derby. Who would win? Whose toes would touch the line first? For full article, click here

Team Hope: Fishy Frolic 5K

with Haiku by Brina Seguine
In case you are wondering what the Fishy Frolic is and its connection to Team Hope, these mysteries will be revealed here with haikus by the Pace Setter Poet Laureate, Brina Seguine, as an added bonus. For full article, click here

Middletown's Unique Race: Run For Downtown 4 Miler

by Jon Lindenauer
Jon Lindenauer loves to race and this passion is taking him to spots throughout NYS. He recently ran in Middletown and had the phenomenon of breaking the winner's tape while being the third to pass the finish line. For full article, click here

What is Even Better than Personal Success? A Shared Passion!

by Todd Shatynski
The end of August is brightened by the annual Thacher Park Trail Running Festival that celebrates running through the park's many beautiful trails. This year Todd Shatynski and his son Ben shared their love of running by doing the Thacher Park Trail Fest 10K together. For full article, click here

Breathtaking Trailfest Half-Marathon Challenge

by Aaron Major
Another highly anticipated run during the Thacher Park Trail Festival begun in 2015 is the half marathon. "The Trailfest half-marathon (and marathon and 50k) course will be familiar to anyone who has come out to race Hairy Gorilla in October: a barbell design with the loop taking you out to the Hang Glide Cliff..." For full article, click here

Comeback at Thacher Park Trail Fest

by Laura Clark
"By now most of you know I had a heart attack in early July. It came without warning, although had I been armed with foreknowledge, I could have recognized some of the signs.” For full article, click here

My Five Favorite Races I Always Run

by Janne Rand Gilligan
Janne explains why she loves the Mohawk Hudson Marathon/Half, Lake Placid Marathon/Half, the entire HMRRC Winter Series, Naples Daily News Half Marathon and Martha's Vineyard 20 Miler. For full article, click here

My 5 Favorite Races as of August 2022

by LiWei Hao
Liwei places his favorite races in chronological order starting with the New Year's Day race, the Hangover Half Marathon, which he ran while his two children ran the 3.5 Miler. As he states, it was a great way to start the New Year. For full article, click here

Haven’t Done Many But Loved the Ones I Did

by Meg Louden
Meg highlights why she ran the ones she has so far this year and notes that the weather helped by not being too hot at race time. She would love to run them all again next year but that Boston, being Boston, is problematic. For full article, click here

Top Five Favorite Races

by Sarah Parks, Liz Chauhan, Nathan Laing and Brina Seguine
This article gives you four different viewpoints on favorite races of four top runners in the Albany area. You will have to read the article to find out races they deemed to be outstanding. For full article, click here

Favorite Races: Coming Around the Bend On 2022

by Laura Clark
"As you might anticipate, my favorite races would probably not be your choices, as I tend to opt for unusual and challenging events. But even if this is not you, it could be you." For full article, click here

Races I Love to Run

by Lauren Scarupa
"It’s hard to believe that it’s been three years since I moved to the Albany area, from my hometown of Lockport, New York. Since making the big move, I have had the pleasure of meeting so many wonderful runners..." For full article, click here

Favorite Races? I Love Them All, but ...

by Benita Zahn
When asked which races were her favorites so far, Benita answered amusingly that she loves them all, but she did say that races that have certain elements appeal to her the most. For full article, click here

What If You Can?

by Deb Valois
Deb Valois is a person who loves challenges. Clinging to successful routines is not her way. In her past article "50 is the new 30" she said that as an adult non-runner six years ago she decided to challenge herself with a 5K. This time she has upped the ante to a 70.3 triathlon. For full article, click here

Camp Saratoga 5K Trail Series

by Laura Clark
"Hudson Mohawk runners might be interested to know that their Tawasentha Race Series and the Saratoga Stryders’ Camp Saratoga Trail Race Series have a lot in common. In fact, the Camp was modeled on Tawasentha." For full article, click here

Q&A with Tom O’Grady Re: Children’s Book Mount Tremper Has a Temper

with Tom O’Grady
Elite runner Tom O'Grady has added to the inventory of his accomplishments by writing a children's book about a Catskill Mountain that is popular with hikers which is located in the hamlet of Phoenicia, in the valley of Esopus Creek. For full article, click here

ADHD and (Adult) Runners: Can Diet Help With Management?

by Nancy Clark, MS, RD, CSSD
"As a sports nutritionist, I commonly counsel runners and other athletes who have Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder — generally referred to as ADHD (or ADD.) ADHD is characterized by hyperactivity, impulsivity, and/or inattention." For full article, click here

Ask Theresa: Dr. DeLorenzo Answers Your Questions

by Dr. Theresa DeLorenzo
September's questions: Are there performance benefits to running on an empty stomach? How important are post workout meals for Recovery? What led you to be a registered dietitian? For full article, click here

Books to Read After Running

by Sally Drake and Mark Mindel
When you are done with a great workout, run or race, these books recommended by athletes are your ticket to relaxation and enjoyment. Sally's choices get you thinking and Mark's will make your pulse race. For full article, click here

HMRRC Social Page for September and October Pace Setter

This month we cover news from engagements, weddings, anniversaries to devoted HMRRC member Jim Hickey passing. The running community in the Albany area is huge and The Pace Setter is delighted to be able to share these events with you. For full article, click here

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