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MAY 2023

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Bill Shrader, Sr. Scholarship Winners 2023

As part of its community outreach program the HMRRC is proud to award 6 college scholarships worth $3,000 apiece. They are awarded as part of the Club’s mission to encourage and support young runners in their efforts to make running a lifelong part of a healthy lifestyle. There will be an awards program at the Guilderland Public Library on June 14, Wednesday at 6:30 p.m. to honor these amazing student-athletes. Be there! For full article, click here

HMRRC - Bill Shrader, Sr. Scholarships by the Numbers

by Jon Rocco
Our club financial expert and elite runner, Jon Rocco, has gone through data regarding the Bill Shrader, Sr. Scholarship program and has come up with figures that will astound you and make you realize the commitment the HMRRC to has to encouraging student athletes to be able to pursue their dreams of running at the college of their. choice. Want to know how many dollars have been spent, how many scholarships have been awarded... For full article, click here

Spring Brings Flowers and Races with More to Come!

by Benita Zahn, Lauren Scarupa, Theresa DeLorenzo, Jon Lindenauer and Chris Bishop
Spring holds more than lovely flowers and green landscapes to enjoy. It also signals the start of a multitude of races – many for significant events and some for just fun. The major races for April and May are listed along with results followed by a schedule of major events coming in 2023. One race that is particularly fun has been highlighted: Have a Drink on Me 5K. For full article, click here

Rain and No Shine but Happy Runners at the Bill Robinson Memorial Race

by Chris Bishop, Meg Versteegen, Denis Hurley, Rocky Diamond, Linda DeDominicis, David Stadtlander and Jessica Northan
Dire weather predictions were forecast but still racers came and had a great time running through the rolling hills of Guilderland. The race made history in two ways: It was the time it was open to runners of all ages and Meg Versteegen became the first female to win overall. For full article, click here

World Mountain and Trail Running Championships: A Place for Dreams

by Michelle Merlis
Thirty-nine of the top off-road runners in the United States were named to the 2022 U.S. Mountain & Trail Running Team scheduled to compete at the inaugural World Mountain & Trail Running Championships November 4-6 in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Hailing from twelve U.S. states, these talented athletes will travel to Thailand and our Michelle Merlis was one! For full article, click here

Carbs & Runners: Friend of Foe?

by Nancy Clark, MS, RD, CSSD
Carbs have been demonized in popular media. Nutritionist Nancy Clark tries to clear up misconceptions that people have been bombarded with about carbs. They play an important role in diet and can enhance your athletic performance if used correctly. For full article, click here

Albany Comes Alive on May 18 with Corporate Teams Streaming Down the Empire State Plaza

by Benita Zahn
On May 18, at 6:25 pm thousands of corporate team members will stream out of the Empire Plaza for the largest running event in Albany. At the opening ceremony, Albany's mayor Cathy Sheehan will speak along with marathon great Bill Rodgers, who is there through the kindness BBL Construction Services. After speaking, Bill will join the runners for the 3.5 mile distance. Benita Zahn can be seen running with the Capital Cardiology Associates Team. For full article, click here

Freihofer's Run for Women Getting Even Better!

by Kristen Hislop
The 45th running of one of the first races in the United States to celebrate women, has been adding more exciting events and contests to this year's line up. You can find out how you can play a part by participating and volunteering to continue to make this the premier women's race in America and it is in Albany! Join runners for this epic run on June 3. For full article, click here

The Eagle Challenge: Bethlehem Celebrates Wellness and Community Support

by Ansen Chamberlain
The Eagle Challenge was an ambitious event hosted by the Bethlehem Central HS Student Senate to involve the community in wellness and raising money for worthy charities. Students and community members ran in four hour shifts and raised over $15,000. Hip, hip, hooray for student initiative. For full article, click here

Let Your Mind Run: A Memoir of Thinking My Way to Victory

Reviewed by Tom O'Grady
"Let Your Mind Run” is a must-read for anyone interested in running, mental training, or personal growth. Kastor’s writing is engaging, her stories are inspiring, and her message is one of positivity and hope. On a side note, I had an opportunity to meet Deena Kastor in person in 2014 shortly after the Boston Marathon." For full article, click here

Can Running Shoes Help My Knee Pain?

by Jake Greski
Knee injuries can be wildly painful and seemingly interminable. For those who want to deal with the problem but not if possible surgically, then running shoes can be the answer. Jake Greski, a running shoe fit professional, recommends running shoes that will either ameliorate or solve the problem. For full article, click here

Brina Seguine - Athlete of the Month

Brina is an elite runner who enjoys challenges both mental and physical. She pursues many sports and has a reputation as a wicked pool player. She is also the HMRRC Pace Setter Poet Laureate. Brina looks forward to the Freihofer's Run for Women in June where she first made her running debut as a child. For full article, click here

Jake Kobrin – Athlete of the Month

Jake went to Albany Med for his degree and ran frequently in our races. Recently he moved to Massachusetts but intends to keep running our races. His brother, who is an identical twin, also runs. (To make matters more confusing, they usually wear identical outfits when running!) So, if you see two seeming Jakes run by you quickly in a race, it's the elite, ever smiling Kobrin twins. For full article, click here

Boston Marathon 2023: Always Phenomenal

by Chris Bishop
The Boston Marathon is the Holy Grail of all marathons and as usual it lived up to its reputation. Everyone thought that Eliud Kipchoge, the man who ran a 2:01 marathon in Tokyo was considered a shoe-in, but the hills of Boston and rainy weather did him in. On the female side, the competition was tough and an American, Emma Bates, gave us something to cheer about. Local runners are mentioned in the article and how they did. For full article, click here

Boston Marathon 2023: Boston Strong!

by Wei Ma
"I could no longer feel the rain on my face nor the thundering cheering in my ears, but only the shivers sent through my body. It got me again, on Boylston Street – the longest, most painful, yet most beautiful 634 yards." For full article, click here

HMRRC Delmar Dash 5: A Sentimental Win

by Jack Huber
Elite runner and recent college graduate, Jack Huber returns to run in his hometown race: The Delmar Dash. "Ever since Cam Davis placed second in the 2017 edition of the Dash as a junior in high school, it’s been a goal for one of us Bethlehem Track alumni to cross the line in first." For full article, click here

My First Helderberg 2 Hudson (which is also actually my third)

by Jon Lindenauer
Read about Jon's recent foray into running the Helderberg 2 Hudson (H2H) Half Marathon and how it differed from his other times. Definitely having someone racing a half marathon dressed as a witch for a Guinness World Record is unique, and she did set the record! Jon came in 6th overall but 1st for runners from NYS. Way to go, Jon! For full article, click here

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