June 2018

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2018 CDPHP Workforce Team Challenge Race

As far as races go, this one is a monster. Just to write about it is hard, let alone to direct it. So that is where I will start … with Mark Warner, who has taken over the reins since 2013 and handled it superbly. For full article, click here

Can It Be? (Surprise Runner)

by Christine Bishop
Much to my surprise and almost everyone else, BBL brought Bill Rodgers to the CDPHP WTC 2018 race! Can you spot him in the picture here?. For full article, click here

Why Do They Run?

by Christine Bishop with help from Nikki Moule, Connie Smith, Gretchen Sullivan, Connie Ziter & Shawn Czadzeck
Find out why competing in the 2018 CDPHP Workforce Race is important to these teams. For full article, click here

Turning Forty is Fantastic!

by Kristen Hislop
This year’s race was meaningful in a multitude of ways. Kristen enumerates the ways. As she put it, “forty years of firsts.” . For full article, click here

Masters Running

by Bob Irwin
Bob reflects on the joys and pains of running from forty on. No matter what, the competitive streak remains and the happiness in knowing that you have done your best no matter how difficult. For full article, click here

Global Running Day and the High Rock Run Up

by Dick Vincent
Dick and a group of friends hit the hills and ran difficult but awesome terrain by his home in celebration of the day. For full article, click here

Yoga for Runners

by Karli Taylor
Karli Taylor recommends the Lizard pose, or Utthan Pristhasana, as a perfect pose to accomplish stretching that will help runners prevent injury while offering a wealth of other benefits. For full article, click here

Sports Nutrition: #ScienceNotOpinion

by Nancy Clark MS RD CSSD
Nutritionist Nancy Clark emphasizes that running performance starts with fueling, not training! Therefore it is crucial that you know the difference between dietary facts and fiction. For full article, click here

Post Season Blues

by Mat Nark
Coach Mat Nark and his friends talk about how to deal with Post Season Blues and learn from the past season how to better prepare for the next. For full article, click here

Books to Read After Running

Both runners and readers extraordinaire, Sally Drake and Mark Mindel recommend books that will keep your mind running as your body is resting. See what they read this month. For full article, click here

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