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Just Run in 2021

by Barbara Bradley and Tom McGuire
Since its inception in 2010, the Just Run program started by the HMRRC to promote running for elementary school-age kids has donated over $300,000 for the project. Two articles celebrate where your membership dollars go. Thank you. For full article, click here

HMRRC Winter Series is "Up and Running" for the 2021-2022 Winter Season!

by Susan Demos
The Winter Series is a treat from HMRRC to its members with five FREE winter races. With a family membership, two people or more get 5 races for no cost. Interestingly, the membership price of $12 single or $15 family is the same as it was a decade ago. No inflation here. If you volunteer or race all five, you will get a prize. For full article, click here

MVP Stockade-athon 2021 - November 14

The Stockade-athon is one of the crown jewels in the race schedule that HMRRC annually presents, as it is one of the largest and oldest 15K races in the country. Racers were hungry to compete again and over 1,000 finished on a glorious autumn day For full article, click here

Troy Turkey Trot 2021

To quote Anthony Giuliani, who came in 4th overall in the 10K, the Troy Turkey Trot is the "Superbowl of racing in our area." Ryan Udvadia, who came in 2nd overall, also nailed it: "A Thanksgiving without a Turkey Trot is like a Thanksgiving without turkey for dinner," he said. "It was great to be back." For full article, click here

Trotting Through the Holidays

by Brina Seguine
Our poet laureate comments on the abundant and ever pleasing Turkey Trots in our area and comes up with a novel idea for December. This year's Turkey Trots were especially significant since the pandemic ruled them out last year. For full article, click here

The Coveted Stockade-athon!

by Theresa Delorenzo
Theresa's tale about her rocky road toward running her favorite 15K race, the Stockade-athon, is riveting. Her path was not straight, but she persevered even with horrible things occurring. She finally made it and with a surprise ending. For full article, click here

Operation Six Star, NYC Edition

by Meg Versteegen
November was a month bubbling with major races. Meg Versteegen ran the NYC Marathon with her friend seeking to get one more jewel in her Six Marathon Majors crown. She needs only two more to complete her project. NYC was a gem! For full article, click here

The Upstate Classic – a True Classic!

by Lonnie Halusic
The Upstate Classic was another important November Race that Lonnie Halusic was looking forward to. In 2020, she ran the Upstate Classic Half Marathon and now she was back but this time to go for the gold and run the Upstate Classic Marathon. She had no idea how she would do in her age group. For full article, click here

Philadelphia Marathon 11/21/2021: 7025 Finishers + Me

by Michelle Davis
On November 21, Michelle Davis ran the Philadelphia Marathon. It was the culmination of months of training and strategic planning. She arrived there confident but knew, as all runners do, that anything could happen. She went with noted HMRRC runner John Sestito who also comments on the race. For full article, click here

The Untold Truth About the Hairy Gorilla

by Josh Merlis
The Hairy Gorilla Half Marathon is undoubtedly the most fun race we have. Awards are given for the fastest and the zaniest. This year Carole Baskin and Tiger Joe took the cookie as did the amazing running nuns. Incredibly someone ran an entire half marathon dressed as an avocado. All this and mud too!! Its founder speaks! For full article, click here

All I Want for Christmas is ...

by John Williams-Searle
Looking for holiday gift ideas for the runners in your life? Look no longer. John Williams-Searle details 10 items guaranteed to please any runner you know and then recommends great charities to think about donating to during the holidays. For full article, click here

JFK 50 Mile Ultramarathon: So Close Yet So Far

by Julianne McCarthy
The JFK 50 Mile Ultramarathon is another highly anticipated running event in November. Ms. McCarthy decided to run it with friends upping her running from "boring road races" to the gold standard of running. For full article, click here

Personalized Sports Nutrition: What Should I Eat?

by Nancy Clark, MS, RD, CSSD
During the holiday season we all are looking for great gifts for those we love who run or exercise in general. Ms. Clark points out that there is an alluring gift that supposedly precisely combines genetic testing with nutritional data telling us what we should eat for better performance, but it is unreliable, and its assumptions are not supported by data. Plus, it is very expensive. Caveat emptor! For full article, click here

Be Prepared for Old Man Winter

by Hugh Johnson
Hugh Johnson, a dedicated hiker, describes the pleasure we can get from hiking during the winter if we are careful. He lists the pitfalls to look for and methods to avoid problems during a time that can be rewarding but possibly perilous if we are not prepared correctly. For full article, click here

Winter Conditions on the Rail Trail

by Stewart Dutfield
The Albany County Rail Trail is a wonderful community resource, and many readers will be familiar with its nine-and-a-bit miles from Voorheesville through New Scotland and Delmar to South Pearl Street in Albany. It's open all year round, but what about conditions in winter? For full article, click here

Recipes for Runners – Holiday Edition

by Anouk Booneman
Have you been invited to a friend's house for dinner and wondered what to bring? Well here are Anouk's suggestions, which are healthy and will be greeted happily. She wishes you all a great holiday season. For full article, click here

12 Days of Healthy Holiday Eating

by Theresa DeLorenzo, RD, CYT
Want to sign up for a program that will highlight healthy, incredibly tasty dishes for the holiday season and also help the Regional Food Bank? Theresa DeLorenzo, owner and founder of Nutrition for Optimal Performance, will show you the way For full article, click here

Play Nice, Run Happy!

by Benita Zahn
Benita puts the same principles in life as she does in running with a lovely smile on her face. In this column she talks about how the anger of the world is trickling into our daily life and proposes solutions for it. For full article, click here

To Use or Not to Use: Ice or Meds?

by Dick Vincent
To ice or not to ice? To use pain killers (NSAIDs, example: ibuprofen) or not to use pain killers? These are currently topics of debate in the athletic world. Coach Dick Vincent gives us his thoughts on this topic. For full article, click here

The Rise in Popularity of Trail Running and the Creation of a New Trail Guide

by Tom O'Grady
As trail running grows exponentially in popularity, as our club is a witness to, it becomes more important to write a helpful guide about it for our area. This is where I need you!! For full article, click here

Up to Speed: News from Around the Running World

This column covers important news about running both local, national and internationally. Locally, Emily Bush had a sensational win at the Nike regional meet. In addition, November contained a slew of wildly important races and it is all covered here and more! For full article, click here

Books to Read After Running

by Mark Mindel
This month Mark Mindel takes the helm and supplies us with books to read after a long run or after an extensive workout. Grab a glass of mulled cider, sit by the fireplace and take out a book to read. Happy Holidays and Happy Reading! For full article, click here

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