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HMRRC 2024 Running Schedule & Your Fav Races of 2023 and 2024 Goals

The HMRRC Race Schedule for 2024 is out and now is the time for you to plan your 2024 race calendar. In addition, a list of member favorites for 2023 were added. If you would like to add your favorite 2023 races to the article, use the link at the bottom of the site to contact the Pace Setter editor. Happy Running 2024! For full article, click here

Swag: Its Glory Days

by Benita Zahn and Friends
Mention the term swag to a runner and there is an instant knowing reaction and pictures of the glory of past race treasures. After Benita's article, members of the HMRRC reminisce on glorious swag they have received. Swag seems to be on the decline, but that raises the thorny question: does it really make us run the race? What do you think? For full article, click here

Stockade-athon 2023: Run to the Top

by Charlie Ragone and Mat Nark's Running Team
The race to the top is vividly described by Charlie Ragone, of Run Club, who came in 2nd. He chronicles the race among the top three that even included dealing with smoke from a fire! Mat Nark trained members of this team for the race and from their responses you can tell they were prepared. At the end, statistics are given and make sure to check out the photos, collated by Graphics Editor Bill Meehan: they are superb. For full article, click here

Danielle Eckler: Athlete of the Month

Danielle came to running late but has made up for lost time. In the recent rain-drenched Squirrely Six Miler she came in 1st in the female category and 2nd overall. She loves to train with her dog but is severely limited by the schedule her work imposes on her, yet she still triumphs. For full article, click here

Thomas Dansereau: Athlete of the Month

Tom is a regular fixture at HMRRC races and when you see his pictures, you will recognize him immediately. He usually wins in his age-graded category but in October at the Squirrelly Six Miler, he was 2nd overall male in a brutal race that abounded in mud. His son loves to run with him. Find out more about Tom in his questionnaire. His diet may surprise you. For full article, click here

Come Join the Fun. We Dare You!

by Kristen Hislop
Kristen Hislop in her role as acting president of the Adirondack USATF went to their national meeting in Orlando, Florida, on December 2 and wow did she meet famous athletes. The meeting was sponsored by Nike and they asked all women to come in running shoes and many went in other brands including Kristen who sported Converse sneakers. At the end of the article, Kristen makes a plea for the Adirondack USATF that is critical. For full article, click here

The Weak Link – Off The Road Colum

by Russ Ebbets, DC, USATF Level 3 Coach
Coach and Dr. Russ Ebbets analyzes what occurs when you walk and run and all that can interfere with these cycles that can produce problems in an athlete that should be monitored to ensure a top performance. "Anything that compromises one’s balance, timing or coordination will present with an insult or injury somewhere along the closed kinetic chain." For full article, click here

Racing is My Destiny: Seattle Half Marathon 2023

by Jon Lindenauer
Jon examines his relationship with running and his passion to take on challenges that test him to his capacity. Sometimes he fails, usually he wins but nothing is guaranteed. He went to Seattle to be with his family and decided to throw in a certifiably punishing race that just like Seattle is famous for its hills and winding roads. His destiny demanded nothing less. For full article, click here

Footnotes: A Medical Journal – Part 4, Footloose

by Stephanie Mumford Brown
"Let me reintroduce myself: I’m Lefty, the grumpy extremity at the end of Stephanie’s leg. Grumpy a year ago because I was deformed and aching. Grumpy now, because 11 months after surgery I’m ready to go again but the rest of Stephanie isn’t keeping up." For full article, click here

Yoga for Runners: Pose of the Month- Pyramid Pose, Parsvottanasana

by Sally Drake
Yoga teacher and elite runner, Sally Drake, recommends a different pose each month that will improve running performance. December's pose, Parsvottanasana, is a deep stretch for the back body, especially the hamstrings and spine. It also strengthens the legs, glutes and ankles and improves standing balance and stability. For full article, click here

Book Review: The Ghost Runner by Bill Jones

Reviewed by Tom O'Grady
The Ghost Runner is a biography of a talented distance runner who, had he lived in a different time, would have been universally celebrated. In the 1960s he turned to ultra-marathons, and set world records for 40-mile and 100-mile distances. In 1967 he became the first man ever to win the season's grand slam in Britain's four principal ultra-marathons. His life was sad but is an inspiration to read. For full article, click here

Holiday Gift Recommendations for Plant-Based and Vegan Cookbooks and Blogs

by Anouk Booneman
Anouk Booneman ranks processed foods as one of the leading causes of disease across the globe. She believes that to be healthy, foods should be sourced locally and eaten fresh. She has global experience and is a graduate of the CIA. She is an advocate of a plant-based and vegan diet and has furnished The Pace Setter with numerous recipes to keep us in top shape. For full article, click here

Anouk's Christmas Dinner

by Anouk Booneman
Anouk is kindly sharing with us a dinner that she loves to serve at Christmas. About it she writes, "It’s an easy one and relatively light. It can be made in advance, and I think that it will please omnivores and vegans alike." Bon Appetit! For full article, click here

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