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July 2019

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ValleyCats Father's Day Home Run 5K

This race set the HMRRC record books on fire!! In an unparalleled achievement, both the male and female winners rewrote the history books with 7 wins each in this race. There are other outstanding records like Tom Dalton winning the Corporate Challenge 14 times, but this is right up there in record heaven.
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HMRRC Bill Shrader, Sr. Memorial Scholarship Winners 2019

HMRRC members may wonder where their incredibly low dues goes and here is one shining example. Each year, the HMRRC awards six $3,000 non-renewable scholarships to runners planning to attend a college, university or community college on a full-time basis. If you read the background of these truly outstanding young runners and future HMRRC record makers, it will make you feel good about the world.
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ARE: Its Genesis

by Matthew McGowen
This is the story of how a group of UAlbany renegade runners in 2002 formed the Albany Running Exchange (ARE). Although much has changed, it is still infused with the enthusiasm, wackiness, attention to detail and high athletic commitment of the original. Matthew McGowen, in a series of articles, will trace ARE from its beginning to today. Enjoy Part 1 particularly knowing that more articles are to come.
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The Comeback is ALWAYS Stronger Than the Setback

by Kristen Mellen Garzone
Kristen is facing a serious health problem and is using her love of running to rise above it. Her determination and grit are some of the elements that make her a champion. As she now recovers from an operation, her thoughts are on her next challenge: the Philadelphia Half Marathon. Go, Kristen!!
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Fear is Pain of the Mind

by Dick Vincent, USATF/I.A.A.F Level 3/5 Coach
"Nearly every runner who has been in this game for an extended period of time will have those who have inspired or influenced them along the way...I have been lucky enough to have had many great influences, but my very first mentor was most unusual in running circles."
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A Journey of 26.2 Miles Begins with a Single 5K

by Diane Harris
Diane describes the route she took from being a "late bloomer" in running, starting with 5Ks and then gradually transitioning to marathons. As her children grew older and more independent, she started to have more time to pursue her health and fitness. She now has 17 marathon medals to her credit!
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Individualized Plans: Why You Might Consider Hiring a Coach

by Karen Bertasso
"As a runner and coach, I love individualized plans. The athlete feels worthy of the coach's time since they are getting a custom program, and as a coach, I love learning about the differences each runner brings to the table. My favorite thing is seeing how two very different athletes ..." … Enjoy this latest installment in Coaches Corner.
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3 Lessons From a Marathon Implosion

by Jessica Bashaw
"One month ago, I ran my 18th marathon. It wasn’t my slowest (that was my first in 2007), and I didn’t hit the dreaded wall (that was in 2010.) And yet, this was the worst marathon of my life..."
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Dodge the Deer at 17

by Josh Merlis
This year marked the 17th Annual Dodge the Deer 5K & Kids Races, which is ARE's premier race. Josh details its history and main protagonists: Dodge the Deer and Chase the Chipmunk with a new intruder, Bully the Bear, contributing to the merriment. Race stats and photos further enliven the article.
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Sports Nutrition Myths: Busted!

by Nancy Clark, MS, RD
In this latest installment of Athlete’s Kitchen, Nancy Clark deals with common myths perpetuated about diet and running. What truly works and what doesn't. What is important and what isn't. You can find out the latest information from the Annual Meeting of the American College of Sports Medicine here.
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Runners' Diets

by HMRRC Members
As runners, food is important, as this is what powers performance. Diets abound and advice is everywhere on what to eat to be healthy and in some cases ethical. The bestseller lists are full of new diet books. So what is a runner to do? Find out about the diet preferences of some of our club members.
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Books to Read After Running

by Sally Drake and Mark Mindel
This month Sally and Mark recommend books to read after running or while on vacation. The books range from sensitive examinations of everyday life to thrillers guaranteed to get your adrenaline flowing. Enjoy and have a great July!
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