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JUNE 2021

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Five Miles With the Strongest Woman I Know

by Deb Valois
I met Kathy at a Nark Running Strategies (NRS) group run a couple of years ago. The details of the run are not memorable. The joyful smile and constant engaging chatter from this woman along the run is what sticks in my mind. Since then, I have run on many occasions with Kathy, including a very hard, very fast half marathon effort during the pandemic. Kathy was still recovering from a surgery and I was “racing” a half marathon for the first time … For full article, click here

Nothing Is More Predictable Than the Unpredictable

by Stephen Hallgren
If there’s one thing I’ve learned about running races, it is that nothing is guaranteed. Races can be extremely unpredictable, with a plethora of variables that can quickly make a great race go from good to bad in a matter of minutes. Sometimes those minutes are all that are needed to overcome great odds. Nothing drove this point home more than the past couple of months and the Providence Marathon. I think this is why racing is so fun for me.… For full article, click here

Are You Ready to Run Maskless?

by Benita Zahn
I had planned to pen an article on the best mask to wear while running. I’d even reached out to a few companies to provide me with ‘trial’ masks so I could compare them. After skiing masked this past winter, I was looking for a product that didn’t get wet – something that better wicked moisture and was breathable. And then boom! The CDC surprise declaration – you can be mask free if you’re fully vaccinated – preceded by the message of safety out of doors.… For full article, click here

Sports Nutrition Update: Microbes, Bones & Heat

by Nancy Clark, MS, RD, CSSD
Do you know the bacteria in your gut can enhance running performance? Or the sports you play when you are a kid impact your bone health as an adult runner? Or your ability to run in the heat depends on how well you hydrate? For full article, click here

Maurten Gels - Worth It or Hype?

by Stephen Hallgren
Ask a marathoner what type of fuel they use, and you will quickly find that the number of answers you receive are as unique and varied as the number of people you’ve asked. For those who have an iron stomach and are capable of handling GU, there are 18 flavors alone (last I checked) that you could choose from, with every athlete staunchly claiming their own go-to flavor. For full article, click here

Alan Webb’s High Reign as the Fastest High School Miler of All Time

by Tom O'Grady
Alan Web toed the line at the Prefontaine Classic on Memorial Day in 2001 as the first high school sub-4-minute miler in 34 years. Webb cracked the 4-minute barrier for the first time that January in indoor track at the NYC Armory Track & Field Center for the New Balance Games. This feat not only made him the fourth high schooler to be added to the prestigious sub-4-minute mile list but the first high school student to achieve the feat ... For full article, click here

HMRRC Announces 2021 Shrader Scholarship Winners

The Hudson Mohawk Road Runners Club has announced the winners of its Bill Shrader Sr. Memorial scholarships. The four high school seniors receiving the $3,000 scholarships for 2021 are Noah Bonesteel, Noah Engle, Clare Howard, and Hannah Lewis. For full article, click here

Book Reviews

by Sally Drake
This month Sally reviews Broken Horses, The Plot, and Crying in H Mart . Enjoy her excellent monthly reviews! For full article, click here

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