by Steve Morse
How much would you pay to run in one of the world’s toughest half marathons? How about $2500 for the Mt. Everest Half Marathon, PLUS airfare to and from Katmandu. Or maybe $1200 for the Sahara Half Marathon, but you’re on your own to get to Madrid. A relative bargain… the Pike’s Peak half marathon will run you $160, roundtrip airfare to Colorado not included. For those with a fatter wallet, the Frozen Continent Half Marathon takes place in Antarctica and costs the princely sum of $15,000. Whoa! That’s a lot of running shoes and gel shots! … continued

by Russ Ebbets, DC
You see it most any weekend. You go to a road race and there is XX banging out another 5k, 10k or whatever. The speed limit has been reduced to a low kneed shuffle but the age limit just keeps getting better, hitting 60, 70 or something more. While the competition has thinned, they keep going and going like that battery bunny. It doesn’t seem quite right. There is probably more envy or jealousy here than concern as you stand on a street corner, point a flag and say “That way.” .... continued

by Nancy Clark MS RD CSSD
Meals and snacking patterns have changed over the past 40 years. You have undoubtedly noticed that many of us are eating fewer calories from meals and more calories from snacks. As a result, I get questions from both runners and non-athletes alike about how to best fuel their bodies: Should I stop eating after 8:00 pm? Which is better: to eat 3 or 6 meals a day? Does it really matter if I skip breakfast? Because meals can be a central part of our social life—and busy training schedules can contribute to chaotic eating patterns—many runners disregard the fact that food is more than just fuel. When (and what) you eat impacts your future health (as well as today’s performance). ... continued

by Mike Naylor
Hi folks! It is time to prepare for the warmer weather by putting on your synthetic-blend clothes, dressing yourself more lightly, carefully choosing your running socks, wearing some cool shades, using major sunscreen, carrying a water bottle, and wearing a visor. Wow!!! .... continued

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