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The Athlete's Kitchen (Fighting Fatigue: Why am I so tired….????)

HMRRC Club Minutes (from May 11, 2016)

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Just Run!

June 7 & 8, 2016 – For the sixth straight year, the HMRRC hosted the Just Run program for elementary school children. The event was held this year at Guilderland High School. As in the past, the Just Run event was a HUGE (apologies for the Billy Fucillo echoes) success. Continued ...

HMRRC Elections

Under the club's recently enacted bylaws, an Election Committee is to nominate a slate of candidates for election to the Board of Directors by June 30. The Election Committee, chaired by Dana Peterson, is presenting the following slate: President -- Ray Newkirk; Executive Vice President -- Frank Broderick; Vice President for Finance -- Chris Nowak; Vice President for Running Events -- Jon Rocco; Treasurer -- Jon Golden; Secretary -- Marcia Adams; Treasurer for Running Events -- Cathy Sliwinsky; Member at Large (one-year) -- Ed Neiles; Member at Large (two-year) -- Maureen Cox.

Candidates for any office may also be nominated by petition signed by 30 club members in good standing. Petitions should be submitted to Dana (Peterson.danac@gmail.com) by June 30.

Voting for board members will take place at the September membership meeting (September 14).

The CDPHP Workforce Team Challenge

"A populous celebration of fitness and camaraderie and an inspirational evening for all who participate" (continued)

HMRRC Grant Applications Open

HMRRC awards grants of up to $1,000 to qualifying organizations that promote running within the Capital District. A "qualifying organization" is one that benefits "runners in general". In other words, all runners must be able to benefit from the grant (the runners do not have to be HMRRC members). An HMRRC Grant Application can be secured by going to Outreach>Grants. Grants are awarded by an HMRRC committee in two groups in February and July, with applications due by February 1 and July 1.

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Including ...
CDPHP Workforce Team Challenge Thank You
2016 HMRRC Summer Track Series
Route 50 Mile, 6/9/2016
Colonie Summer Track
OK-5K, 18th Annual Kinderhook Bank, 6/11/2016
CDPHP Training
Dr. Tim Maggs, Sports Chiropractic & Health Center

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